Biometrics Solutions

Biometrics Solutions

The Industry’s Most Powerful, Fully Integrated End-to-End Biometric Data Capture Solution

Biometric Live Capture Enrollment Solutions

GET Group NA offers cutting-edge biometric live capture enrollment solutions through our partnership with Speed Identity. Our technology is ideal for both commercial and government settings to collect and analyze physical identifiers and other characteristics such as a users’ signature, voice or even the speed and pattern of their keystrokes in order to support strong multi-factor identity authentication. We make it easier than ever for an organization’s IT team to easily assimilate biometric data into the organization's existing security infrastructure, in order to detect and prevent identity fraud and restrict access to only trusted parties.

Speed Capture Kiosk

Our fully-automated self-service data capture kiosk features live enrollment capabilities so that all captured biometric and demographic data is collected at one time, ensuring data is securely tied to the applicant.


Speed Capture Mobile (SCM)

Speed Capture Mobile (SCM) is the market’s only mobile biometric capture station developed to securely and reliably capture the highest quality biometric data for mission critical applications such as identity management, ABIS and forensics, ensuring safe, secure and reliable operation.

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