Speed Capture Kiosk

Speed Capture Kiosk

Our fully-automated self-service data capture kiosk features live enrollment capabilities so that all captured biometric and demographic data is collected at one time, ensuring data is securely tied to the applicant.

Our kiosk integrates next-generation technology components into a single unit with a protective chassis to increase security, durability, and ease of use.


  • Reduces enrollment time to just a few minutes
  • Secures the process from application input to immediate ID document production output
  • Allows biometric data to comply with the highest quality standards and regulations
  • Maximizes throughput and reduces total cost of biometric enrollment
  • Features an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Makes integration with applications using .NET, Java and web services quick and easy

Key Features

High Precision Camera

Delivers unprecedented biometric quality – exceeding ICAO / ISO resolution requirements by more than 9 times. Advanced software ensures correct body and head positioning.

LED-based Illumination

Two-channel illumination elements work seamlessly together to create an even and diffused illumination of the applicant.

Responsive & Safe Ergonomics

Speed Capture enrolls 100% of any country’s population, including infants and applicants with disabilities. It includes full wheelchair support and precisely adjusts to the applicant’s height. A safety mechanism is employed to prevent personal injuries.

Fingerprint and Signature Capture

The integrated fingerprint reader delivers fast, reliable and secure 10-finger capture of both flat and rolled fingerprints.

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