Next Generation Face Matching Technology

Next Generation Face Matching Technology

We offer our customers the latest in next-gen face matching technology through a partnership with Secure Planet. Together, our facial recognition technology enables “in-workflow” face matching for immediate fraud detection for identification programs.


Unmatched Capabilities for Face Matching

Our face matching technology supports matching up to a billion images on a single server or 100 million on a laptop, including constrained (mugshots/passport photos) and unconstrained (off-pose, poor lighting) images, and is tolerant to pose, prescription glasses, hats, sunglasses, and more.

Our technology allows timely fraud investigation during the enrollment and biometric capture process. With a template size of only 144 bytes, low licensing costs and rapid enrollment and conversion for quick data enrollment, your organization can be reaping the added security benefits of facial matching in no time.

Face Matching App

  • Provides database of more than one million images and facilitates automated matching capabilities on a handheld device
  • Responses delivered in 5 seconds or less
  • Results portrayed in gallery format
  • Ability to create and match against watch lists

Fraud Examination Support

  • Mobile device feature provides 24/7 access to a trained professional face examiner, who will response via SMS within minutes
  • Allows deep search in to other databases on more than one billion images

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