CLM-50 Card Laser Engraver

CLM-50 Card Laser Engraver

The CLM-50 delivers excellent laser engraving capabilities ideal for the issuance of government credentials, such as national identification cards, border crossing cards, and driver’s licenses.


Single or Dual-Sided Laser Engraving for ID Cards

The CLM-50 card laser engraver delivers superior laser engraving capabilities and high throughput. It has a compact design and is available as a standalone unit for single or dual-sided laser engraving.

Key Features

Easy Maintenance

Operate without any consumable products. Only regular cleaning for daily maintenance.

Safety Product

Conformable to European Safety Standard, ISO/IEC60825-1 standards, Class1 laser product, UL, DEMKO and VCCI.

Light Body: 68kg

Total only 68kg with all functions embedded.


Low power consumption, 350VA.

Variety of Option

IC chip encoder for both contact and contactless - MLI and CLI - Camera unit for XY position adjustment.

High Throughput and High Quality marking

Enables the high speed marking as 3 times faster than CLM-20. Realized sophisticated image through energy control by each dot-pitch and the gray scale processing.

All-in-one Compact Design

Embedded all features for high security card issuance.

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