Citizen ID

Citizen ID

From the U.S. and Canadian Passport to the DoD Common Access Card, GET Group NA’s technology has enhanced the security of identity documents across North America. 

We have personalized more travel documents and IDs than any other solutions provider and earned a reputation as a trusted partner to governments worldwide


We provide secure ID solutions

with the capabilities to enroll, capture biometrics, manage identity workflow with adjudication, design secure ID documents, issue ID credentials with the most secure personalization technology, and perform lifecycle credential management of IDs.

Our capabilities can be delivered to meet customers’ exact requirements through on premise implementation, as a managed service, and/or through a service bureau deployment – while remaining cost-effective and helping them stay on budget.

Implementation of Secure ID Programs from Start to Finish

The development of secure personal identification credentials is an extremely complex and exacting process. We provide our customers with the in-depth expertise needed to navigate the complete implementation of identification programs – from the development and design of the card material and security features, through production of high-assurance cards and documents that are ready for personalization.

Citizen ID Products

Our cutting-edge technologies enable secure credentials, including:

Municipal ID

Having a valid photo ID connects residents to the many amenities and resources a community has to offer. We are committed to supporting and implementing Municipal ID cards for all city residents. An ID that also integrates with other entities like transportation, libraries, health and recreation opportunities will motivate any resident - even one that can obtain a state-issued ID - to apply for a municipal ID.

Driver’s License

Today, driver’s licenses represent more than just the physical proof of the qualification to operate a motor vehicle; it has become a de facto ID issued for many verification purposes to prove identity and age. We are a provider of innovative, secure ID solutions meeting AAMV requirements for State and Provincial issued driver’s licenses.

We are committed to providing the most secure enrollment, capture, issuance, and lifecycle management available for issuing jurisdictions, including the capability to produce both physical DL credentials and mobile IDs adhering to international standards.

Passports, Travel Documents and other Government-Issued IDs

GET Group is a world leader in passport, visa, and ID-issuing solutions.  With a global network of offices and affiliates, and extraordinary resources, experience and references, we are strongly positioned to meet the needs of all clients, irrespective of size and issuing volumes.

We offer advanced solutions for the personalization and issuance of highly secure travel documents and other government-issued IDs. We are capable of providing a full turn-key solution or working with partners which provide specific hardware or software components in the supply chain.

Our final products are compliant with relevant standards such as ICAO and ISO. The degree of security, innovation, practicality and customization that we are able to provide instills complete confidence.

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