Cost Effective, Highly Adaptable Solution
for Secure Identity Management

Identity and Credential Management System

GET Group NA’s CoreID 2.0 Identity Management System (IDMS) is an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution for capturing, adjudicating, and lifecycle management of identities with secure credential issuance. 
Newly updated to offer the flexibility of a new-generation document database, CoreID 2.0 is scalable to provide users with a flexible environment that can quickly adapt to evolving ID requirements.
CoreID 2.0 enables Divisions of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) and other issuers of corporate and government credentials to process rich data such as images and video in real-time to validate or adjudicate identities and issue secure credentials at time of enrollment.
CoreID 2.0 is operating system-agnostic, highly modular and designed using modern business practices such Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) to allow easy integration with new or legacy infrastructures.
Seamlessly combining biometric capture and facial recognition capabilities with back-end database functionality, CoreID 2.0 can be used to issue and track physical or digital credentials throughout the credential’s lifecycle, as well as to manage enrollment workflows and ensure appropriate enrollment biometrics and data are collected for a specific credential.
Its flexibility, ease of customization and scalability set CoreID 2.0 apart from competing solutions. CoreID 2.0’s queuing system data model puts safeguards on every component with identity validation as a Dossier tied to an individual’s identity moves through the workflow issuance process – ensuring the most secure IDs possible.
CoreID 2.0 provides APIs and other web services to connect to a broad range of implementation requirements with biometric capture and printer peripherals including self-service kiosks and mobile ID platforms, plus existing customer PKI or identity management systems.  It includes workflow management templates to address identity provisioning for basic photo IDs to high-assurance credentials with access management and expiration/revocation requirements.


  • Security and persistent data protection for critical operations;
  • High availability for real-time processing;
  • Flexible and modular for a variety of business cases;
  • Support for rich media types, including images and videos;
  • Adaptable to modern and legacy infrastructure;
  • Extended lifecycle by preserving independence from proprietary and closed technologies.

CoreID 2.0 Components

InfoMaster Server

  • Communication via Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Services and Service API
  • Customizable to jurisdiction’s system of reference
  • Customizable workflow to implement business logic
  • Data storage via Document Database (MongoDB), and option for SQL and file system
  • Flexible “Dossier” data schema
  • Rich media support, including XML and Json
  • HA/DR deployment configuration by clusters, with geographic distance separation available
  • Virtualization or dedicated computing environment

Facial Recognition Server

  • Facial Recognition (FR) enrollment automation
  • High-performance (real-time) with decision tree indexes
  • Web service access

Enrollment Workstation

  • High resolution camera with built-in lighting control
  • Find-a-Face and ICAO portrait validation
  • Signature pad
  • Document and credential scanner (REAL ID requirement)
  • Configurable to include full demographic capture

Print Manager

  • Over-the-counter configuration
  • Print farm configuration

User Management

  • Active Directory-based
  • User and role management via additional web-based interface

Accounting System and Reporting

Backup Protection

Magstripe and 2D barcode reader Mobile ID Manager

  • Complete mobile ID and mDL provisioning and issuance

Security Management

  • Centralized event reporting
  • User credential enforcement
  • Interfaceable to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system

GET CoreID 2.0 is Designed for the Following Identity Management Requirements:

Driver’s License – State issued for ID and driving privileges

GET is an innovative provider of secure ID solutions meeting the AAMVA requirements for state and provincial-issued driver’s licenses.  Today’s driver’s licenses represent more than just the physical proof of the qualification to operate a motor vehicle; it has become a de facto ID issued for many verification purposes to prove identity and age.  GET is committed to providing the most secure enrollment, capture, issuance, and lifecycle management available for issuing jurisdictions including the capability to produce both physical DL credentials and mobile IDs adhering to international standards.

Photo ID Badging – student, hospital, corporations

GET Group NA is a full-service solutions provider for employee, student, and visitor identification. From simple desktop photo ID systems to high-end enterprise systems, the capabilities of GET’s solution portfolio mean we can meet your specific identification requirements within your budget. If an onsite customer-owned system is not in your budget, GET can offer photo capture and printing services to badge your personnel.

Municipal ID – City issued for ID and Municipal services

GET is committed to supporting and implementing municipal ID cards for all city residents. Having a valid photo ID connects residents to the wonderful amenities and resources a community has to offer. An ID that also integrates with other entities like transportation, libraries, health and recreation opportunities will motivate any resident - even those that can obtain a state-issued ID - to apply for a municipal ID.

Mobile ID

GET mID solution extends identity management with a physical credential into new use case opportunities leveraging the ubiquity and simplicity of the mobile phone.  mID is at the forefront in standards compliance with GET’s work with AAMVA and ISO18013.

High-Assurance ID

Government or corporate issued for strong authentication and identity management.

GET is leading the industry with the elimination of simple usernames and passwords for access management to more secure strong authentication high assurance credentials to improve access management for physical and logical systems.  High-assurance IDs are supported by standards issued by the U.S. Government and being deployed by the Federal Government and other organizations for which security is critical. 

GET’s solutions are standards-compliant for product availability and cost-effectiveness.

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