Enterprise ID

Enterprise ID

Secure Physical and Network Access in A Single Card

GET CIV card, our Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) smart card, is a secure corporate ID compliant with the U.S. government’s FIPS201-2 specifications for identity credentials. GET CIV combines physical and digital identification, enabling a high degree of trust in both logical and physical access systems within your organization’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and policies.

The GET CIV credential card can be rapidly issued and leverages compliance with FIPS201-2 and Personal Identity Verification (PIV).


  • Eliminates the organizational issues and costs of defining and deploying your own capability
  • Manages the organizational issuance policy
  • Implements enrollment and biometric capture workstations ready to issue CIV cards quickly
  • Customizes workflow and card layout to meet your requirements; GET CIV is offered as a service which can be implemented internally to each customer
  • Allows reuse of existing tools such as authentication and digital signing solutions and eliminates the challenges and costs of defining and deploying your own credential capability
  • Workflow and card layout can be fully customized to meet your organization’s requirements
  • Both small and large implementation models can be supported based on organizational capabilities

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