GET Mobile Administrator

GET Mobile Administrator

GET’s solution for Issuing Authorities.

GET Mobile Administrator creates the connection between the physical DL / ID world and the new world of mobile identity. GET Mobile Administrator lets you easily put mDLs in the hands of your customers, meeting their demand for mobility in this new century.

mDLs can be managed and provisioned into GET Mobile ID, the industry-leading ISO 18013-5 compliant Mobile Identity app.  Or you can use GET mDL Toolkit to provision into your current mobile application and meet all AAMVA guidelines and Federal and International mDL standards.  GET helped define them, and we can bring them to your customers.

Whether you want to try a wallet-pass mDL using ISO 18013-5 online model, a full-fledged Mobile app, or provision into citizen wallets, GET Mobile Administrator is the tool to securely bridge to your citizen’s mobile lives.

Why GET Mobile Administrator?

  • Full privacy protection for your citizens – no compromises
  • Easy integration to System of Record Database without programming
  • Multiple options for approving citizens for mDL – automated or reviewed
  • Up-to-the-minute Statistics on mDL adoption
  • Keep citizens data and Driver Status up-to-date without effort

Key Features

Connects the Issuer to the GET Mobile ID app & services infrastructure

Issuer can issue mDLs into Consumer’s phones

QuickConnect to DMV System of Record

No programming in order to issue or keep mDLs current, less costly to DMV

Remote Provisioning to IAL2 when using crypto validation of DL

Biometrics and passport reading confirms identity and validates DL (also iOS)

Signing Service managed for the Issuing Authority

Industry Leading Key Generation and Protection means hassle free security

In-Person Provisioning for new recipients of mDL

As accurate as physical card issuance; even available as a Temp Doc

Scalable for Your Plans and Needs

Available in Full Server (hosted) mode with the GET Mobile ID, and in Self-Service and Custom setups so that mDL can be issued in flexible ways.

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