Completion of the ISO 18013-5 Standard Marks Big Step for the Future of the Global Mobile Driver’s License Ecosystem

It was recently announced that the ISO/IEC 18013-5 international standard for mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) and mobile IDs (mIDs) was unanimously approved for publication on August 18, 2021. This exciting news was the result of more than six years of effort through an open collaboration of issuers, technology providers, regional authorities (such as AAMVA, EReg, AustRoads, and the African Tripartite), and businesses that accept identity documents to approve transactions.

GET Group North America is pleased to have been integral to the process and has remained steadfastly committed to ensuring our mDL technology for both issuers and verifiers is fully compliant with this standard. The state of Utah is conducting a pilot with our technology, which is the first pilot in the country to fully comply with ISO/IEC 18013-5. This compliance enables completely contactless, unequivocal confirmation of identity information without relying on visual inspection of an ID – which is subjective and difficult. Compliance with the standard will ensure mDLs and mIDs issued in one state will be recognized as legal forms of ID anywhere in the world. This is essential to the continued growth of a global mDL ecosystem.

ISO 18013-5 was developed based on Privacy by Design Principles. It specifies interoperable technical mechanisms to obtain and trust the data from an mDL for in-person transactions. Data transfer is only initiated by the mDL holder after giving affirmative consent. There are pivotal privacy technologies designed into the standard. Using the standard can reduce liability concerns for the verifier associated with storing personal data (such as photocopying and retaining a copy of a physical driver’s license). ISO 18013-5-compliant mDLs provide greater privacy protections than physical ID cards, including:

  • Allowing the phone to always stay in the citizen’s control. The phone with an mDL never needs to be handed over for a physical inspection of an ID document.
  • Allowing the citizen to share only data that’s relevant to the transaction, such as whether they are over 18 or 21 without disclosing their full birthday or other sensitive information such as their home address.
  • Giving the citizen full control to release data elements requested by a relying party (verifier).
  • Providing explicit notification to an mDL holder if a verifier intends to retain their information, thus allowing them to know if/when their data is stored. That can also allow verifiers to avoid the liability of retaining ID data.
  • Resistance to tracking; there is no unique identifier to see where a citizen has used their mDL. GET Mobile ID rotates any possible identifiers making correlation difficult.

Read more from GET Group North America’s David Kelts about how to use the ISO 18013-5 standard here.

Select Utah State Liquor Store Locations to Begin Accepting Mobile Driver’s Licenses to Confirm Legal Age for Alcohol Purchases

Waltham, Massachusetts, Salt Lake City, Utah (November 1, 2021) – GET Group North America and The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) jointly announced today that the Utah Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (DABC) will begin accepting mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) as a legal form of ID for purchases at its Saratoga Springs and Farmington locations. DABC plans to expand to additional locations by the end of the month as part of the state’s mDL pilot program.

Utah is the first state in the U.S. to pilot an mDL that is fully compliant with international standards that ensure citizens can use their mDL globally as a legal form of identification. The Utah DLD is using GET Mobile Administrator to offer mDLs to citizens, who have the option to opt-into the program. The citizen then has complete control of the data they choose to share – limiting it to what is necessary to complete the transaction rather than sharing full personal information. DABC employees at participating stores will use GET Mobile Verify to contactlessly authenticate that a customer is over the age of 21 without ever touching the customer’s phone or an ID card. Cryptographic proof of ID allows employees to unequivocally confirm the information has not been tampered with. This will eliminate the opportunity for fraud associated with visually inspecting an ID, which is subjective and leaves room for error or oversight of the security features.

Citizens are invited to get set up with their own mDL at the Saratoga Springs store on Wednesday, November 3rd from from 4-7pm MT and the Farmington store on Thursday, November 4th from 4-7pm MT. A valid Utah driver’s license is required for mDL registration.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), driving while intoxicated is the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, and remains a growing problem. Failing to identify a fraudulent ID can result in significant penalties and even charges for liquor store employees or owners in some circumstances.

“When it comes to purchasing alcohol, the ability to confirm an ID is authentic is especially important for cracking down on underaged drinking and other forms of fraud, which can result in dangerous situations and even the loss of lives,” said Alex Kambanis, Managing Director of GET Group North America. “We are proud to be partnering with Utah DABC and DLD to provide a technology solution that will enable more secure and trustworthy transactions, while also protecting the citizen’s privacy when making their purchases and having the potential to improve the overall customer experience.”

“Mobile IDs are safe, secure, prevent fraud, and are easy-to-use. State liquor store customers who choose to use mobile IDs will experience a safe and quicker transaction time when making their purchases.” said Tiffany Clason, Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) Director. “The DABC is pleased to support the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division to help get this project off the ground.”

Effective immediately, mDLs will be accepted in DABC’s Saratoga Springs location at 1285 North Exchange Drive and Farmington store at 579 Lagoon Drive, with plans to expand to at least 10 locations by the end of the year as part of the pilot. Following completion of the pilot, all Utah DABC locations will accept mDLs pending the state’s widespread rollout of the technology.

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