Beyond Visual... Cryptographic Proof of ID

GET Mobile Verify gives businesses the ability to inspect and verify a physical or mobile ID for instant validation of age and authenticity. It is enhanced with an automated process that can be performed on a wide variety of devices, from sophisticated e-gates and workstation terminals to enhanced NFC and Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets. It works quickly, and will integrate into your business flow as an app or integrated SDK. 

Contrary to misconceptions, accepting IDs doesn’t mean looking at your customers phone screen or handling their phone at all. Photo manipulation tools render visual usage untrustworthy, and you shouldn’t have the liability of handling your customer’s phone.

A quick tap or scan is all that’s needed.

GET Mobile Verify is an app for iOS and Android that verifies physical and digital drivers licenses are authentic and unaltered. Innovative new technology will help you protect your business and your customers by preventing fraud and streamlining services.


  • Reduce Risk – know your customers’ ID is accurate and up to date
  • Save Time – speed up ID verification
  • Safer Transactions – contactless interaction modes protect you and your customers
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows – supports NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Aware and web API

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