GET Mobile ID Digital Identity Solution provides a high assurance identity on a user’s mobile device, that represents a convenient, secure and instant alternative to traditional physical identification documents. It utilizes formidable data encryption algorithms and communication security measures to reduce identity theft while improving citizen privacy.

Citizens want their ID documents to go mobile and expect to be able to manage their identity data better than they can with physical ID cards.  GET Mobile ID provides user control and enables quick and secure age-verification and identity-checking across every kind of business.

Mobile ID, mDL

GET Mobile ID

GET Mobile allows government ID card issuers to quickly and securely make the move to digital. Forward-thinking governments will be able to digitize their ID documents and give citizens control of their own ID data. GET Mobile ID supports both Android and iOS. Allows organizations across sectors (education, enterprise, retail and finance, as well as public institutions) to accept high-assurance digital IDs. 

GET Mobile Verify

GET Mobile Verify app gives relying parties the ability to inspect and verify a mobile ID for instant validation of age and authenticity. It works quickly, and will integrate seamlessly into your business flow as an app or integrated SDK.

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