Balancing security, cost, quality, and durability in a world where document fraud has become commonplace.


GET Group NA has personalized more travel documents and IDs –from U.S. and Canadian passports to DoD Common Access Cards –than any other solutions provider, and earned a reputation as a trusted partner to governments worldwide.

We are trusted and relied on around the world to provide technologies that enable the most secure personal and government identification documents. We bring that in-depth experience and global expertise to manage the complete identification issuance process: from development of the card material design and security features to production of cards and documents that are ready for personalization.


Biometrics Solutions

GET Group NA offers cutting-edge biometric live capture enrollment solutions through our partnership with Speed Identity. Our technology is ideal for both commercial and government settings to collect and analyze physical identifiers and other characteristics such as a user’s signature, voice or even the speed and pattern of their keystrokes in order to support strong multi-factor identity authentication. We make it easier than ever for an organization’s IT team to easily assimilate biometrics data into the organization's existing security infrastructure, in order to detect and prevent identity fraud and restrict access to only trusted parties.

Mobile Identification

Identification is going mobile, and we’ve got the technology to support the transition of driver’s licenses and other forms of ID to a digital format to increase convenience and help combat fraud.

GET mID™ platform combines compliance with ICAO and ISO identity security specifications – and AAMVA standards – with the convenience and usability of a mobile application to allow users to securely and efficiently convert to digital identification.

Mobile IDs, when executed correctly, could become an effective barrier against identity fraud, making it harder to produce counterfeits by elevating the quality of personal identification documents with increased clarity and photo quality in digital formats.

Facial Recognition SOLUTIONS

Facial Recognition

Unmatched Capabilities for Face Matching


ID Card Printers

GET Group North America provides next-generation printers for high-quality identification cards, security credentials, and personalized access management solutions. Leveraging our decades of proven experience in delivering highly secure passport and ID solutions for governments worldwide, our user-friendly printers comply with the most stringent industry standards and incorporate the latest security, encoding, and personalization technologies to ensure verification and authenticity protection for your ID and credential cards.


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