GET Group North America Announces Near-field Communication (NFC) Support on iOS for mDL and Mobile ID Transactions at Point of Sale

GET Mobile ID™ First to Support ISO 18013-5-Compliant NFC Identity Transactions for Retail on both iOS and Android Devices

Waltham, Massachusetts, (July 15, 2019) – GET Group North America, (“GET Group NA”)  an innovative developer of mobile ID technology with over 20 years of experience in identity management, today announced that its GET Mobile ID™ Digital Identity Solution for iOS can support near-field communication (NFC) for identity transactions at Point of Sale (POS), airports, and even kiosks.  GET Mobile ID for Android already supports NFC identity transactions.

GET Group NA and global partner Scytáles AB, innovative developers of mobile ID technology, are the first to extend the new ISO 18013-5 standard so that iOS devices can also use NFC for data transmission, or allow NFC tap followed by either local or online data transfer, all under citizen control.

“Supporting NFC for both iOS and Android devices is critical to developing a variety of more secure and convenient retail, payment, and ID verification use cases for mobile driver’s licenses and other forms of mobile ID,” said David Kelts, Director of Product Development, Mobile Identity, GET Group North America. “We are proud to be participating in the development of the ISO 18013-5 standard, together with Scytáles AB, and committed to ensuring our technology will protect citizen privacy and meet specifications for secure interoperability on all mobile device operating systems.”

David Kelts will be participating on the Secure Technology Alliance\’s Industry Panel Review of Retail Use Cases of mDLs July 16th at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel as part of the \”Mobile Driver’s Licenses for Retail Use\” workshop. From 2:00-2:45, this industry panel will feature mDL solution providers discussing their approaches, functionalities, and the use cases important for MDLs to succeed in retail identity transactions.

ISO 18013-5, which is expected to be published later this year, is the international standard that specifies the technical and interoperability requirements for mobile driver’s licenses (mDL). GET Group NA and Scytáles AB are ready to enable ISO 18013-5-compliant identity transactions between both iOS and Android devices and POS terminals already used today for payments. This will broaden the possibilities for retail, payment and ID verification use cases of mDLs, such as:

  • Age-based purchases where both age-verification and payment information can be transmitted in the same tap of a mobile device;
  • “Tap & Go” identity transactions at stadiums, federal buildings, airports, etc.;
  • Electronic identity and address verification for check cashing.

Visit GET Group North America’s recently launched mobile ID resource section to learn more about 18013-5 and the future of mDLs.

About GET Group North America

GET Group North America is an experienced provider of high-assurance security solutions that enhance Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) operations. As a leading-edge systems integrator, GET Group NA and its partners design, manufacture, and implement end-to-end solutions for secure credentials that enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities and law enforcement organizations to implement the latest in identity management technologies. From photo ID cards to driver’s licenses to passports, GET Group NA delivers advanced personalization capabilities that prevent identification fraud and accommodate diversified customer needs.

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