GET Mobile ID certified by UL for all interaction modes of ISO/IEC 18013-5

WALTHAM, MA – (Feb. 16, 2023) – GET Group and its affiliate GET Group North America, innovative developers of mobile ID technology with over 30 years of experience in the issuance of secure government credentials, today announced the certification of GET Mobile ID by UL Solutions for all test cases of ISO/IEC 18013-5, the International Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Standard.

GET Mobile ID, for iOS and Android, is the first app to be certified for every interaction mode supported by the International mDL standard and allowed by each operating system. Supporting NFC, QR code, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Aware for the sharing of mDL data allows the most flexibility for businesses and agencies to choose the method they will use to check ID efficiently and quickly. GET Mobile ID works whether the devices are connected to the internet or not and protects the security and privacy of citizens during every interaction.

“The flexibility of supporting every mDL interaction mode – from tap to nearby to distance – allows citizens total control to share their information securely and lets businesses to determine how they want to interact with customers,” said Alex Kambanis, President and Managing Director for GET Group North America. “The flexibility to fit ID verification into business flows is the missing element toward widespread mDL adoption.”

Compliance with the international standard ensures mobile IDs are secure and can be accepted globally as a legal form of identification as the mDL ecosystem continues to grow. Mobile driver’s licenses powered by GET Mobile ID allow for information such as name or age to be confirmed contactlessly with a simple scan or tap. A physical credential or mobile phone never changes hands. This eliminates the subjectivity of visually authenticating that an ID hasn’t been tampered with. By certifying that it adheres to stringent standards the citizen is empowered with greater control over the privacy of their personal data.  They share only the information relevant to a specific transaction. For example, they may confirm they are over 21 years old to purchase alcohol without disclosing their home address and date of birth.

The State of Utah currently offers mDL as an option for all Utah citizens with a valid driver’s licenses or ID Card. Utah residents are enrolling daily for this new service and can now rest assured that their UL Certified, GET Mobile ID can be used everywhere that ISO/IEC 18013-5 digital identities are accepted.

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With over 30 year’s experience, GET Group has worked with governments around the world and enabled them to deliver passports, driver’s licenses and other high assurance identity documents. GET is a world leader in the issuance and verification of Mobile IDs and Mobile Driver’s Licenses. The company invests in the latest technologies to deliver modernized solutions to minimize customers’ risks and solve critical challenges, while innovating to combat fraud and produce privacy centric identity solutions people trust.

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