GET Mobile Verify Wins SmartBrief Innovation Award for Foodservice

SmartBrief and The National Restaurant Association have named GET Group North America as a winner of their inaugural Innovation Awards for Foodservice. We are pleased to have been recognized as a technology solutions winner for GET Mobile Verify. The SmartBrief Innovation Awards for Foodservice recognize innovative new or updated products and services that exemplify adaptability and resilience in three categories: sustainability, technology, and safety and health. A panel of judges evaluated each entrant on uniqueness in the market, ability to solve a problem and suitability for use.

Many states have begun to introduce mobile driver\’s license (mDL) technology this year, making a digital license on a smartphone an officially recognized form of ID.

GET Mobile Verify brings contactless ID verification to the restaurant industry, helping restaurants abide by COVID guidelines by minimizing the need to exchange physical credentials.

A server can verify a mobile ID from a safe distance and without ever touching the ID card, the patron\’s mobile device, or having to get within minimum social distance. GET Mobile Verify starts with a QR scan or NFC tap of an mDL and will soon work over Bluetooth.

After the customer consents, the restaurant receives only the data that they need to approve their purchase. GET Mobile Verify protects the customer\’s identify and the restaurant\’s liability. Waitstaff will only receive the customer\’s age status (above or below 21), verification status, and photo.

Now more than ever, SmartBrief and The National Restaurant Association believe it is important to recognize the great achievements and innovations within the foodservice industry. From sustainability solutions to delivery management systems and everything in between, the industry has shown adaptability and resilience in the face of the most challenging times it has seen.

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