GET Mobile Administrator

Our solution for Issuing Authorities

Connecting the physical DL / ID world and the new world of mobile identity.

GET Mobile Administrator allows government ID card issuers to quickly and securely make the move to digital. Forward-thinking governments will be able to digitize their ID documents and give citizens control of their own ID data.  GET Mobile ID is ISO/IEC compliant with every standardized communication channel and interaction mode.  

Issue ISO 18013-5 compliant Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDL) or IDs (mID) to all citizens in your jurisdiction.  AAMVA mDL Guidelines require ISO 18013-5.

GET Mobile Administrator is the quickest connection to start issuing mDLs accurately and easily.  It’s accepted everywhere around the globe and any location – TSA, airport security, age based purchases and more.

  • Easy integration to System of Record Database
  • Multiple options for approving citizens for mDL
  • Up-to-the-minute statistics on mDL adoption
  • Keep citizens data and Driver Status up-to-date without effort
  • Operates globally within USA trust frameworks 

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