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GET Mobile ID

Make the Move to Secure Digital ID with GET Mobile ID

GET Mobile ID Digital Identity Solution

GET Mobile ID provides a high-assurance digital identity such as an mobile driver's license (mDL) and other forms of mobile ID credentials on a user’s mobile device, represents a convenient, secure and instant alternative to traditional physical identification documents, and utilizes formidable data encryption algorithms and communication security measures to combat fraud and reduce identity theft and the consequences thereof.

GET Mobile ID allows organizations across a multitude of sectors – including education, enterprise, retail and finance – as well as public institutions to issue high-assurance digital identification. Authentication is instant, and the security specifications of stored identities are configurable to meet ICAO, ISO and AAMVA standards, thus laying the foundation for a wide range of online identity-based services.

GET Mobile ID Authentication App gives relying parties the ability to inspect and verify a mobile ID for instant validation and authentication with the identity provider. It is enhanced with an automated process that can be performed on a wide variety of devices, from sophisticated e-gates and workstation terminals to standard NFC and Bluetooth- enabled smartphones and tablets.

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Key Features

Strong security model for production of mobile IDs

Completely encrypts all data communications and utilizes transport keys to prevent unauthorized access.

Supports a variety of cryptographic protocols,

Including Elliptic Curves, RSA, etc. Specific cryptographic procedures can be loaded securely during the initialization phase, based on customer requirements.

Cryptographic ciphers ensure confidentiality.

PII data in transit and at rest is secure and available only to authorized users.

Extended access control and access protection procedures

Secure against unauthorized access.

PII data integrity during transit and in storage.

Unique anti-skimming procedure prevents unauthorized reading of the mID by brute-force attacks.

Compliance with the most stringent identify security standards

Enables interoperability and ensures security by complying with ISO/IEC 18013 and AAMVA configurations.

High level of authentication assurance

Multi-factor identity verification process and the use of electronic signatures assure authenticity. User-authentication data is securely stored.

Supports upgrade flexibility as needed:

Changes are completely encrypted, security tested, and qualified

In conjunction, the GET mID LE-Officer App is used by law enforcement officers for validation and authentication. It provides the ability for an officer to inspect and verify a mobile ID, enhanced with an automated process that can be performed in a wide variety of devices, from sophisticated gates and terminals to standard and inexpensive NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets.

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