Utah Community Credit Union Signs on to Participate in Mobile Driver’s License Pilot

State’s First Financial Institution to Pioneer Acceptance of Secure, Contactless Mobile ID

Waltham, Massachusetts, Salt Lake City, Utah (June 22, 2021) – GET Group North America and The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) jointly announced today that Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) will be the state’s first financial institution equipped to accept mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) as a legal form of identification for all banking transactions. UCCU is a pioneer of Utah’s recently launched mDL pilot program, providing Contactless ID banking transactions that ensure safety, security, and accuracy with a quick tap or scan – never requiring the phone to change hands.

Utah is the first state in the U.S. to pilot an mDL that is fully compliant with international standards that ensure citizens can use it globally as a legal form of identification. The Utah DLD is using GET Mobile Administrator to issue optional mobile driver’s licenses to the state’s mDL pilot participants.  The citizen has complete control of the data they choose to share — limiting it to what is needed to complete their banking transaction.

UCCU is one of the largest Utah-based financial institutions, and provides financial services including mortgage, commercial and consumer loans, checking accounts, credit and debit cards, and other banking technologies and services. They are the premier financial instituion to accept mDLs in the state of Utah, continuing their tradition of technology leadership. During the pilot, UCCU will use GET Mobile Verify. Mobile driver’s licenses are verified contactlessly by any standardized equipment at point-of-service, providing verification of identity information while preserving the privacy of Utah residents. Cryptographic proof of ID allows UCCU to unequivocally confirm the identity has not been tampered with, eliminating the subjectivity of visually checking an ID. IDs verified only by visual inspection cannot be trusted.

“We are excited to be a pioneer in Utah’s mDL pilot, as we believe standardized mobile IDs provide a more convenient, safe and secure means for our members to entrust their identity information to us,” said Justin Olson, CIO, UCCU. “It has long seemed logical for driver’s licenses and IDs to follow the path of credit cards, and so many other parts of life, by going mobile. The pandemic has really accelerated our pursuit of ways to enable contactless exchanges of information and improve our customer service.”

“UCCU jumped to the front of the pack to accept Utah mDL, and we’re thrilled to announce UCCU as the first of a series of pioneers to accept mDL and help us realize the vision of trusted mobile identities accepted across our great state,” said Chris Caras, Director of the Driver License Division for the State of Utah Department of Public Safety.

The pilot will initially include 100 select Utah residents and expand to 10,000 participants including the broader public this year. To mark the launch of UCCU’s participation, the press, and new and existing UCCU customers are invited to become among the first pilot participants by signing up for an mDL at events held on Tuesday, June 29th at UCCU’s Draper branch (112 E 12300 S) and Wednesday, June 30th at the Lehi branch (3333 Digital Dr, Lehi) from 10am-2pm. These will be the first two locations to accept mDLs. A valid Utah driver’s license is required for mDL registration.

About GET Group North America

GET Group North America and its partners develop, manufacture, and implement end-to-end solutions for secure physical and mobile credentials that enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities law enforcement organizations, and other entities to leverage the latest in secure identity management technologies. From photo ID cards, driver’s licenses and passports, to mDLs and mIDs, GET Group NA delivers advanced issuance, verification and personalization capabilities that prevent identification fraud, accommodate diversified customer needs, and support the future of ID use cases.

About Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU)

Founded in 1955, Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) is an organization rooted in the credit union philosophy of \”people helping people\”​ and built on traditional values of commitment to outstanding service, respect for others, and fiscal responsibility. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, professionalism, and integrity and are committed to achieving excellence in operations, products, and member service. With consistent and reliable service delivery, we create trusting relationships with our members. We are a member-centric organization. Our decisions at all levels are based on what is in the best interest of the member, while maintaining a financially strong and stable organization.


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