GET Group North America Announces Beta Program to Enable Retailers to Accept New Mobile IDs for Faster and More Secure Transactions

GET Mobile Verify Supports and is Compliant with ISO/IEC18013-5 for Global Identity Data Interoperability and Acceptance

Waltham, Massachusetts, (January 13, 2020) – GET Group North America, an innovative developer of mobile ID technology with over 20 years of experience in secure government credentials, today announced that enrollment is open for a beta program which will allow participating retailers to trial its new GET Mobile Verify before it becomes publicly available. GET Mobile Verify for iOS and Android will allow retailers to accept new mobile IDs (mID) and mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDL) from anywhere in the world as legal forms of age or identity verification.  By connecting the retailer’s Point of Sale to the GET Mobile Verify Service, participating retailers will be able to accelerate their identity verification processes and make it easier and more secure than ever for customers to make purchases – or even provide a Fast Lane for Mobile ID holders.

Mobile IDs and Mobile Driver’s Licenses take the burden of determining whether an ID document is real off of the retailer because each tap or scan cryptographically proves the ID is real and unaltered. GET Mobile Verify allows retailers to easily view just the identity data relevant to the specific transaction. ISO/IEC 18013-5 is the new standard recommended by AAMVA for obtaining and trusting identity data from mobile ID applications. It supports standardized NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Aware, or web protocols for accepting data, which means GET Mobile Verify retailers can now accept a mobile identity from customers in any manner that fits the flow of their business.

“Imagine quickly verifying your customer’s age for a liquor purchase with complete certainty that their ID is real; personalizing a diner’s experience at your restaurant thanks to a mobile check-in before they’ve even sat down; or giving VIP Fast Lane access into your club when customers are willing to provide you electronic proof of ID – all with a single tap of their phone,” said David Kelts, Director of Mobile ID Product Development. “While mobile ID may seem like a futuristic concept, it’s quickly becoming today’s reality and retailers should embrace it because –when done right – accepting mobile IDs can mean a better and more efficient experience for both them and their customers. Customers control their data and their privacy.”

Contrary to misconceptions, accepting mobile IDs doesn’t mean looking at a customer’s phone screen or handling their phone at all.  Rather, GET Mobile VerifySO/IEC 18013-5 transmission mechanisms allow for flexible interaction modes that keep the customer in control of their device and their data, while providing the retailer with indisputable cryptographic proof of the customer’s identity.

Reducing the data exchanged during ID card transactions to only what’s relevant (such as name or age) enhances privacy for customers and alleviates their privacy and safety concerns, while reducing retailers’ exposure and liability of collecting and storing personal data.

To learn more and enroll for the GET Mobile Verify App Beta Program, contact GET Group North America.

About GET Group North America

GET Group North America and its partners develop, manufacture, and implement end-to-end solutions for secure physical and mobile credentials that enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities law enforcement organizations, and other entities to leverage the latest in secure identity management technologies. From photo ID cards, driver’s licenses and passports, to mDLs and mIDs, GET Group NA delivers advanced issuance, verification and personalization capabilities that prevent identification fraud, accommodate diversified customer needs, and support the future of ID use cases.

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