GET Group North America Advances Secure Mobile ID Technology for Both Issuers and Verifiers

2019 Team and Technology Investments Position Company as Leading Innovator for 100% ISO 18013-5- Compliant Implementations of Mobile Driver’s License

Waltham, Massachusetts, (February 5, 2020) – GET Group North America (GET Group NA), an innovative developer of mobile ID technology with over 20 years of experience in secure government credentials, laid a solid foundation in 2019 for successful business advances in 2020. The company continued building its capabilities and alliances to power best-in-class solutions for issuing and authenticating secure mobile identification – including mobile driver’s licenses (mDL) – that empower the credential holder with added privacy control.

Over the last 12 months, GET Group NA deepened it leadership experience in identity solutions with the June 2019 appointment of David Kelts to the position of Director of Product Development, Mobile Identity. David is an expert in citizen-managed mobile ID, proofing and authentication, and a certified privacy technologist. He is also a key contributor to the draft ISO 18013-5 Standard, and leads GET Group North America’s efforts to ensure its GET Mobile ID technology is the most complete implementation of the new standard. David was named one of the top contributors on the Secure Technology Alliance’s 2019 Honor Roll.

“Visual presentation of mobile IDs can easily be spoofed with photo or movie tools. What we’re doing is developing technology in total compliance with ISO/IEC 18013-5 for global interoperability that provides indisputable cryptographic proof of ID,” said Mr. Kelts. “Our expertise with the new ISO standard, coupled with GET Group North America’s history in secure credential solutions, uniquely positions us to support Issuers with simple integration, and provide consumers with multiple Interaction Modes, changing the way people will use ID daily.”

GET Group NA created a fully-functional demonstration of the new ISO Standard, and announced in July that GET Mobile ID™ Solution for iOS can support near-field communication (NFC) for identity transactions at Point of Sale (POS), airports, and even kiosks. GET Group NA is the first to implement the new ISO 18013-5 Standard so that iPhones can use NFC. Under citizen control, NFC can be used for full ID data when devices do not have Internet, or a quick NFC tap followed by a request for data from the Issuer (Tap & Go). GET Mobile ID for Android also supports these same NFC identity transactions.

In August, the company announced that GET Mobile Administrator will enable DMVs and other ID card Issuing Authorities to provide mobile driver’s licenses and other forms of mobile identification that comply with global interoperability standards.

On the verifier side, GET Mobile Verify for iOS and Android will allow retailers to accept new mobile IDs and mobile Driver’s Licenses from anywhere in the world as legal forms of age or identity verification. Earlier this month, GET Group NA launched a retailer beta program.

“We’re excited for what 2020 holds for our company and for mobile ID as a whole,” said Alex Kambanis, President, GET Group NA. “We’re not just keeping pace with the industry, we’re helping to define it and to establish the privacy principles that will help keep citizens, Issuers and Verifiers safer, while opening up a world of new possibilities for ID interactions.”

GET Group North NA’s impact on the identity and secure credentials industry extends well beyond mobile ID. In 2019, the company began providing to the U.S. Department of State, with state-of-the-art laser engraving personalization systems for the Next- Generation Passport. The new printers will support laser engraving on a polycarbonate data page, color printing on the endorsement page, embedded chip personalization and inline automated quality inspection.

About GET Group North America

GET Group North America and its partners develop, manufacture, and implement end-to-end solutions for secure physical and mobile credentials that enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities law enforcement organizations, and other entities to leverage the latest in secure identity management technologies. From photo ID cards, driver’s licenses and passports, to mDLs and mIDs, GET Group NA delivers advanced issuance, verification and personalization capabilities that prevent identification fraud, accommodate diversified customer needs, and support the future of ID use cases.

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